I can’t throw a fast ball, so even if it’s my ball… Doing what I can” Ryu Hyun-jin’s ‘control

Ryu Hyun-jin of the Toronto Blue Jays, who won three games in the season, shared his thoughts on his greatest strength, control.

Ryu Hyun-jin started the home game against the Cleveland Guardians held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 27th (Korean time), recording 5+ innings, 4 hits, 2 homers, 5 strikeouts and 3 runs (2 earned).

He allowed two home runs, but allowed no walks and showed sharp control. This game was the first time that no walks were allowed this season.

This season, in 24 innings in five appearances, he struck out 20 while allowing only 5 walks. After his first appearance, he is effectively suppressing his strong batting balls.

In an interview after the game, he expressed satisfaction with his pitching that day, saying, “Not only the curve, but all pitches were important, but the overall control was good.”토토사이트

The main focus of the post-match interview was his sharp command. It is not common even in the major leagues for a player who has recovered from a second Tommy John surgery to show sharp control from his comeback season.

Ryu Hyun-jin scratched his head, saying, “I don’t know about that,” when asked “why the ball control is good even after surgery.” He conveyed his thoughts, saying, “It’s something I’ve been paying attention to since I was young, so it’s going well so far.”

So, is his command innate or was it developed through hard work?

He said, “That was the part I could do because I couldn’t throw a fast ball. He admits that he has refined it since childhood, saying, “I had to do well in one of the two because I couldn’t do it.”

Pitchers who have recovered from Tommy John surgery usually get command last. In that respect, Ryu Hyun-jin’s case can be said to be surprising.

What does he think of himself as a player? “It’s not surprising,” he said flatly. He said, “I think I am doing what I can. First of all, my body is healthy, so I am doing well with my corner work.”

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