He is aiming for his first win in his debut as an “official head coach.” Jeonbuk and Gangwon will challenge “3G unbeaten + 1R Robin defeat.”

Jeonbuk Hyundai will try to win three consecutive games under the new coach.

Jeonbuk will face Gangwon FC in the 15th round of “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” at 7:30 p.m. on the 29th at Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon.

Jeonbuk has recently appointed a new coach. As the team fell to the bottom of the standings in the early days of the season, Dan Petrescu voluntarily resigned after poor performance, and Park Won-jae took over as acting coach. Park lost 2-3 to Gangwon in the sixth round, but has even recorded two consecutive wins against Gwangju FC and FC Seoul.

However, the upward trend did not last long. Jeonbuk fell into a swamp for three consecutive years earlier this month, and currently ranks 10th with three wins, five draws, and six losses with 14 points. It has successfully reversed the mood to some extent recently. It had a 3-0 complete victory over Gwangju and tied 0-0 against Gimcheon Sangmu, recording two consecutive undefeated matches.

In addition, a new head coach has been appointed to provide wings to the team. “We have appointed a new coach who will revive the team’s glory,” Jeonbuk said on Tuesday. “We chose Kim Doo-hyun as the eighth head coach. He cited tactical-based team management ability as the most important factor for success in the global soccer paradigm and modern soccer, and judged Kim Doo-hyun as the best candidate with “smart leadership.”

The away match against Gangwon will be Kim Doo-hyun’s first official match as coach. Kim was acting coach until Petrescu came after former coach Kim Sang-sik resigned last season. During his tenure, acting coach Kim Doo-hyun contributed to Jeonbuk’s advance to the Final A by recording five wins, two draws and one loss.

The concern is that Jeonbuk is weak against Gangwon. Last season, Jeonbuk had one win and two losses against Gangwon, and lost 2-3 in the first round robin this season by dedicating a whopping three goals. It has lost two consecutive games against Gangwon.

To make matters worse, the number of injured has continued. Song Min-gyu, the main striker in the team, failed to join the national team due to a muscle injury, and Hernandez is also uncertain about his participation. Kim Tae-hwan returned to the team after playing 32 minutes in the previous game, but it remains to be seen whether he will play as a starting pitcher. For Kim Doo-hyun, he has to endure the first game with his gums like this.

Fortunately, Jeon and Moon are in good condition. Jeon has four goals and one assist in 12 games this season as a U-22 resource. He scored multiple goals in a match against Gwangju on the 19th. Moon has also led the attack with one goal and one assist in the last three games.

Gangwon has been creating a sensation in the early days of this season. It ranks fourth in the league under Yoon Jung-hwan with six wins, four draws, and four losses with 22 points. In the five matches that were held this month, the team is showing good performance with three wins, one draw and one loss. Notably, the team beat strong teams by winning 1-0 at home against Ulsan HD on Wednesday.

In March, the team fell into a slump without winning a single game, but won three games in April alone. It scored more than three goals against Daegu FC, Ulsan, and Incheon United to secure victory. Once in the middle ranks, Kang won the fourth place with good performances this month. 메이저사이트

Yang Min-hyuk, a semi-professional contractor, and Hwang Moon-ki, a right back, stand out in Gangwon Province. Yang Min-hyuk, born in 2006, debuted in the K-League as a semi-professional player this season, and has been playing as a starter in all games since the opening game. Yang Min-hyuk is drawing attention as a rising rookie in Gangwon Province, breaking all the team’s youngest records, including appearances, scoring points, and offensive points.

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