Ha-seong Kim’s stature was this much? 15G consecutive multi-on-base show ‘Ha Sung-Kim!’ Year name “KIM shakes up Petco Park”

As Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres)’s multi-on-base show continues, the heat at Petco Park, the home stadium, gets hotter. Kim Ha-seong has now become that kind of player. 메이저놀이터

On the 8th (Korean time), Ha-seong Kim started as a third baseman in the 4th game of the 4th home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA, and played an active role with 2 hits and 1 point in 5 at-bats. 

His first hit came in his second at-bat. He hit left-handed from first base without a single in the 3rd inning, leading 2-0, ending his recent 13-game hitting streak. As soon as he appeared at the plate, he hit Dodgers starter Tony Gonsolin’s first pitch, an 87.9 mile (141 km) slider, and sent the bat in front of left fielder David Peralta. Afterwards, when Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a 2-RBI double, he used his quick feet to go through 2nd and 3rd base to home. 

Ha-seong Kim’s on-base show continued. He came to the lead in the fifth inning, trailing 5–8, and hit a heavy hit against Gonsolin. After watching the first ball, he hit the 88.1 mile (141 km) slider on the second pitch and achieved a multi-hit in three games since the game against the Dodgers on the 5th. 

With this hit, Kim Ha-seong stepped on the multi-on-base high ground in 15 consecutive games and reached the tie record for the most multi-on-base in Asian major leagues. The record holder in this category is Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese hitter who made multiple on-base in 15 consecutive games from the Texas Rangers match on June 4, 2007 to the Pittsburgh Pirates match on the 20th, when she was a member of the Seattle Mariners. Ha-seong Kim stood shoulder to shoulder with a legendary Asian hitter in the major leagues for the first time in 16 years. 

Fans in San Diego at Petco Park couldn’t hide their excitement at Ha-sung Kim’s fantastic multi-run show. MLB.com, the official website of the Major League Baseball, said, “San Diego took a 5-0 lead against Dodgers starter Gonsolin only in the third inning, scoring 5 runs.” increased by game. It was a moment that shook Petco Park,” conveying the vivid atmosphere of the scene. 

Kim Ha-seong’s batting average for the season, which added two hits, rose from 20.87 to 2.88. At the beginning of last month, he raised his batting average, which was 2.5 pun 5, to 2 quintillion 8 8 in a month, and was able to look at his dream batting average of . 3. 

Thanks to his recent so-called crazy performance, Kim Ha-seong proudly ranked 9th in the National League batting category. He has been featured in major league baseball such as Mookie Betts (2/8 4, LA Dodgers), Nolan Arenado (2/8 2, St. Louis Cardinals), and Paul Goldschmidt (2/7 8, St. Louis Cardinals). It is a higher position than the star players. 

‘Ha Sung-Kim!’ of San Diego fans who filled Petco Park! The cry is now natural. Ha-seong Kim’s status has changed that much. 

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