‘From colleague to rival’ SD teacher Kim Ha-seong eventually leaves for the district rival team… “Ready for SF presentation”

The San Francisco Giants are ready to announce coach Bob Melvin as their new coach.”

The U.S. ‘The Athletic’ announced on the 25th (hereinafter Korean time), “San Francisco plans to introduce coach Bob Melvin as the new coach at a press conference held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California on the 26th.” 

This season, the San Diego Padres ranked third in the National League West Division with 82 wins and 80 losses under coach Melvin. In the end, San Diego failed to advance to the postseason. Last season, they advanced to the Championship Series through the Wild Card Series, but showed lethargy throughout the season and were unable to play in the fall baseball season. 

Fans could not hide their disappointment when San Diego, which had invested a large amount of money in the offseason, failed to achieve good results. Fans also called for Coach Melvin to be fired. Rumors of Melvin’s dismissal were put to rest when general manager Preller revealed that “Coach Melvin will be in charge of the team until 2024.”메이저놀이터

But the situation changed drastically. San Francisco, which fired coach Gabe Kapler during the season, selected coach Melvin as a candidate for a new coach after conducting interviews with internal personnel. To make matters worse, local media claimed a discord between general manager AJ Preller and coach Melvin, leading to speculation that coach Melvin would head to West Division rival San Francisco. 

In this situation, San Francisco President Farhan Zaidi, who had worked with Coach Melvin during his time at the Oakland Athletics, requested Coach Melvin to interview as the manager, and San Diego allowed Coach Melvin to interview as the San Francisco manager. After San Diego’s approval was granted, Coach Melvin conducted an interview with San Francisco’s manager, and he appears to have decided to leave for a rival team. 

The Athletic reported, “San Francisco moved quickly after Coach Melvin received permission for an interview. In order to get back on track, San Francisco chose Coach Melvin, who has won three Coach of the Year awards.” He added, “San Francisco doesn’t think Coach Melvin’s failure in San Diego this year is a reflection of his true colors.” 

Coach Melvin’s departure is expected to affect Ha-seong Kim’s position. Coach Melvin replaced last season’s starting shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr., with Kim Ha-seong, who was absent due to use of banned substances and injury. 

This season, when the shortstop position was filled by recruiting Xander Bogaerts, Manager Melvin showed great trust by appointing Jake Cronenworth as the first baseman and Ha-seong Kim as the starting second baseman. However, now Coach Melvin takes charge of Kim Ha-seong’s team and a rival team. 

Meanwhile, San Diego is looking for a new coach to fill the void left by coach Melvin. Candidates include internal figures such as advisor Mike Schilt and coach Ryan Flaherty. 

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