From absurd complaints to the cancellation of an inconsequential event… Bucheon FC’s bitter ‘heartache’

Another case of damage to the K-League occurred due to an administration that was difficult to understand. This time, Bucheon FC and its fans became the scapegoats. The club explained that they had prepared an event for the spectators through mutual consultations for three weeks, but received a sudden notice of cancellation from Bucheon City Corporation the day before the event. Bucheon City Corporation explained that it was a misunderstanding, saying that it was only expressing concern, but there are many unclear corners in the process.

Bucheon City Corporation is an organization that operates and manages Bucheon Sports Complex, and Bucheon FC borrows the stadium and uses it as a home stadium. ‘ was scheduled to open. Planning started a month before the event, and direct discussions with Bucheon City Corporation were held three weeks before the event. The goal was to sell Bucheon makgeolli at the club’s official sponsor, Dongbangbangne ​​Sosa-dong Brewery, and to provide food and entertainment by operating a night market food truck zone at Spacejak, another official sponsor.

The club and Bucheon City Corporation continued to discuss the event. An agreement was also reached on the sale of makgeolli within the stadium, and a point of agreement was reached, such as making it possible to eat in the spectator seats instead of in the parasol area. The club also promoted extensively to fans through press releases and social media (SNS). As a citizen team, we hoped that it would be a festival that harmonizes with fans, citizens of Bucheon, and official sponsors. 

However, from the moment two days before the event, a strange atmosphere flowed. An absurd complaint related to the operation of the night market was filed. The complainant raised issues with the Civil Affairs and Hygiene Division of the Bucheon-dong Administrative Welfare Center about the act of serving parasols, the sale of alcohol by food truck companies, and the management of drunken accidents in parasols. The Bucheon club actively explained the issues raised or took necessary measures. There was no plan for customer service such as serving or inviting to eat, and instead of selling alcohol at a food truck company, it was decided to sell it using the club’s canteen, which has already been reported to sell alcohol.

After someone’s complaint was filed, the attitude of Bucheon Urban Corporation changed so rapidly that it was difficult for the club to understand. Just one day before the event, the sale of makgeolli in the stadium, which had already been agreed in advance, was suddenly prohibited. Not only this time, but also in previous matches and throughout professional sports such as the K-League, alcoholic beverages are already being sold in stadiums, but only on this day, the sale of makgeolli was prohibited. The club argued that it was a unilateral notice without any reason.

Not only that. At noon on the 25th, an hour after the notice of disapproval of the sale of makgeolli was issued, the club requested the cancellation of the event and the withdrawal of the food truck on the same day. The club objected. It was because there was no violation of the law, and since we had already promoted it, we couldn’t break our promise to the fans. Bucheon City Corporation also expressed its refusal to respond to the previous request.

‘Unfortunately’ right after Bucheon’s intention to refuse, a local media started covering it. Questions arose about whether the operation of food trucks in the stadium was illegal, and why there were no additional booths or food trucks besides SpaceZak. The Bucheon club confidently replied. The food truck operation was discussed in advance, proceeded and approved according to normal procedures, and until last year, no company itself responded to the recruitment of a food truck company for home games. Afterwards, when the club had difficulties finding a company, Spacejak was the company that signed a formal contract with the club as an official sponsor and is running a food truck zone.

Despite the Bucheon club’s explanation, critical reports continued in the local media. A media reported that ‘Bucheon plans to have a drinking party’, and posted comments from anonymous complaints such as “What kind of bar is the playground?”, “Isn’t it trying to make money for sponsors?” was As if a press release had been distributed, other local media also reported without changing a single Toh. In an instant, the Bucheon club became a club that wanted to have a drinking party in the stadium, and Spacejak, the official sponsor, became a company that received preferential treatment.

Fans as well as the club were outraged by the reports. This is because negative reports of the same content were poured out through so-called ‘copy + paste’ in various media. The sales of alcoholic beverages and food in the stadium, expressed as ‘alcohol’, is a scene that can be seen anywhere in professional sports, and sponsors also had legitimate rights by signing a formal contract with the club. In the case of Spacejak, a portion of food truck profits are sponsored by the club, and it was a sponsor that reached out directly at a time when no one was participating in food trucks. Even when the sponsorship agreement was already extended in February, the club and Space Small agreed to cooperate to diversify food that spectators can enjoy. Far from preferential treatment, it was an appropriate participation following the permission to use food trucks in the sports complex this year.카지노사이트

Needless to say, right after the local media report came out, Bucheon City Corporation again requested changes to the food truck menu, including the cancellation of the event that had been negotiated over the past three weeks. Stir-fried pork and tofu kimchi could be seen as side dishes, so it was said to proceed with the same menu as before. In this process, the Bucheon team argued that the Bucheon Urban Corporation’s request was coercive and one-sided. Considering the relationship between Bucheon City Corporation and the Bucheon club, it was virtually a notification.

In the end, the attitude of the Bucheon City Corporation changed significantly, starting with a complaint filed ahead of the event and negative reports from local media. I don’t know if there was even a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of The contents of the last 3 weeks were changed overnight. In response to a sudden request to cancel the entire event the day before the event and even change the menu, the Bucheon club eventually decided to cancel the entire event at 6:15 pm the day before and notified Bucheon Urban Corporation as such. This was because losses were inevitable due to changes in ingredients, and it was difficult to maintain the originally planned night market concept. In the end, the night market that was prepared for fans and citizens became ‘nothing happened’. Fans were hurriedly informed that the event had been completely canceled at the request of the Bucheon City Corporation. This phrase was also accepted by the Bucheon City Corporation.

The Bucheon club, as well as fans and sponsors, were unilaterally damaged. An official from the club said, “We prepared for about a month from the planning stage, but the event was canceled for reasons that were difficult to understand. Sometimes (Bucheon City Corporation) even raised their voice, but I don’t know why. I was embarrassed because it was so absurd, and I was very angry.” Through the club’s SNS, none other than the Bucheon club had to bow their heads, saying, “I apologize repeatedly to the fans and citizens of Bucheon.”

It’s the same with Spacejak, the ‘official sponsor’ that suddenly caused controversy over preferential treatment. An official said, “I first established a relationship with Bucheon FC with a good heart to help each other and work hard when it is difficult due to corona. As one of the citizens of Bucheon, I sponsored it. In fact, there is a deficit in operation as a food truck, but I still work hard to support Bucheon, but I lose a lot of energy. As a result, it is Bucheon citizens and soccer fans who love Bucheon FC. I believe that there should be no damage to citizens and fans due to certain things,” he emphasized.

The Bucheon City Corporation explained that it had only conveyed concerns about the event to the club, but had never requested the cancellation of the event, and that it was a misunderstanding that the local media had an impact. A construction official said, “We were requesting concerns about the event and the club was also making adjustments. However, there were some concerns right before the event. I only conveyed the part that it would be good to proceed with the event smoothly so that there is no concern about such parts. I am not in a position to issue an order to cancel the event.”

“Since such decisions are made by the club after local media reports, it seems that they misunderstand us. Bucheon City also had inquiries about the event, and we only made a request to the club for a smooth event. He met with the person in charge of the club and said that he seemed to be lacking a lot in such areas as communication. There was a misunderstanding, but I hope that Bucheon FC will achieve good results as a club based in Bucheon and that many citizens will continue to enjoy sports culture. It is our position to cooperate as much as possible so that there is no disruption to the remaining games and schedules in the future.”

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