FC Seoul’s Nightmare April Wobbles With ‘3 consecutive losses’ after a landslide victory

FC Seoul, which won its first game in April, had a poor record of one draw and three losses in four consecutive league matches. Will FC Seoul show a turnaround.
FC Seoul, led by head coach Kim Ki-dong, ranks ninth in the league with two wins, three draws, four losses and nine points as of the end of the league’s ninth round. Seoul, which had lost its pride in seventh place in the league last year, tried to turn around by recruiting Kim Ki-dong, who showed amazing leadership with the Pohang Steelers after the end of the season. In addition, it succeeded in strengthening its power by having league-class resources such as Choi Joon, Ryu Jae-moon, Schlaka, Willian, and Kang Sang-woo, and succeeded in renewing its contract with Ki Sung-yueng, the team’s main pillar and spiritual leader, raising expectations.

Seoul, which even recruited English soccer star Jesse Lingard, who surprised everyone, was evaluated as building up its capacity to challenge for the top spot in the league. Seoul had high expectations by recruiting resources suitable for the team along with Kim, but it did not get off to a good start.

A sad March and a nightmare April in Seoul

Seoul, which played the league’s opening match against Gwangju FC under coach Lee Jung-hyo, lost 0-2 after a disappointing performance, crumpled its pride, and failed to score in the highly anticipated home opening match against Incheon, leading to a 0-0 draw. The long-awaited first victory against Jeju was won 2-0 at home, but the atmosphere did not continue.

Seoul, which left an away match in Gangwon Province after the A-match break, lost its pride in a 1-1 draw, allowing a run at the last minute of the second half despite the first goal. After ending its disappointing March schedule, it scored as many as five goals in April against Gimcheon Sangmu, seemingly achieving a turnaround in the mood. Silent Ilyulchenko scored two goals and two assists, veteran striker Lim Sang-hyup scored one goal and one assist, and Cho Young-wook, the team’s main striker, also contributed by scoring one goal.

It was a pleasant landslide, but since then, it has bowed its head as it lost consecutive games. It faltered with a 0-0 draw in Daegu, and collapsed with a 2-0 home defeat to Pohang at home. In the ensuing home game against Jeonbuk, the team allowed a 2-3 come-from-behind defeat. It also collapsed 1-3 in a match against Daejeon, which was at the bottom of the standings. Eventually, the ranking table, which had risen to fourth place in the early days of the season, plummeted to ninth place.

In addition, other key players are also out of the team’s capacity due to injury. Multi-resource Kang Sang-woo is uncertain to play due to ankle injury, and Lee Seung-mo, who is highly valuable in offense and midfield, has been out for a long time due to injury prior to the opening of the season. Vice captain Cho Young-wook was out of the team’s capacity last weekend in the match against Daejeon, complaining of hamstring injury, and Lingard, who drew much attention, is also out of the team’s capacity for the time being due to knee injury.
Kim Joo-sung, who has been positioned as a key defensive resource, suffered an injury after the game against Daegu in the sixth round. With several key players unable to play due to injury, Seoul is struggling with its defense. Seoul has recorded 14 runs in nine league games, becoming the second-most losing team in the league.

While recording three consecutive losses in its last three league games, Seoul, along with its “enemy” Jeonbuk, is listed as the league’s highest-scoring team in the month of April. The last goalkeeper is another problem. Choi, who was tapped as the starting goalkeeper’s resource, is exposing anxiety due to a series of mistakes made in the game, and Hwang Seong-min is also clearly showing the problem of deteriorating his sense of play. 토토사이트

In the end, Seoul must find stability in its shaky defense in order to rebound. Seoul, which has recently lost three consecutive league games, will have difficulties facing its next opponent. It will immediately face Kim Eun-joong’s Suwon FC, who is aiming for his fourth consecutive league win, and Ulsan HD, which has regained its momentum.

Will Seoul, which is facing tough opponents one after another despite tough schedules, be able to awaken from its April nightmare and relish the energy of a sweet spring day under Kim’s leadership? Let’s keep an eye on the current situation.

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