Expectations Up? The first goal of the tournament was ‘invalid’… ‘first introduction’ semi-automatic offside technology

Technology shone from the first game. The “Semi-Automatic Offside Reading Technology (SAOT),” which was introduced for the first time in this year’s event, made the first goal of the event invalid.

Qatar and Lebanon are having their opening match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Lusail Stadium in Doha, Qatar at 1 a.m. on Saturday (Korea time). The stadium, which seats around 88,000 people, was packed with spectators.

One thing to pay attention to in this competition is the introduction of SAOT. In this technology, machines judge offside before humans. Twelve special cameras installed in the stadium can identify the location of the ball and the player’s body, such as limbs, to determine whether it is offside. If it is offside, it is immediately delivered to the VAR referee’s office, and the final decision is made by the referee.

It was effective from the first match. Qatari Abdullah shook the net at five minutes in the first half, but VAR declared him offside and made the decision explicit. Photos were sent to the stadium’s electronic display panel to make it easier for fans to understand. Qatari spectators lamented at the announcement. Lebanese fans cheered.

Offside is the most difficult foul to catch in football. This is why there is a lot of controversy over misjudgment.

This is the first time that SAOT is used in competitions hosted by AFC as well as each continental federation. This reflects the intention to improve the quality of games and reduce misjudgment by banking on technology.

AFC President Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Khalifa said, “Asian game inspectors are now among the best in the world. The introduction of SAOT will lead them to a higher level.” 헤라카지노주소

“The AFC will continue to take the lead in leading the world-class refereeing,” he said. “We will provide the best performance for our players by embracing the latest technological innovations and fully implementing the video assistant refereeing system in Asia’s best stadiums.”

Meanwhile, Qatar shook off its disappointment in the 45th minute that its first goal was cancelled. Akram Afif shook Lebanon’s net with the help of Al-Moez Ali right before the end of the first half. At 11 minutes in the second half and extra time, Al-Moez Ali and Akram Afif scored back-to-back goals, winning the opening match 3-0.

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