ERA 11.57 on a late contract and now a thigh injury…Kim Ha-sung’s colleague, Lee Jung-hoo’s colleague, Cy Young Winner, will not be able to appear for a while

The “two major league Cy Young winners” who signed a dramatic free agent (FA) contract will not be able to take the mound for the time being.

“Blake Snell thought he was on the verge of turning a corner after enduring a rough start to his San Francisco Giants career, but he won’t get a chance to correct his stomach for a while,” the official Major League Baseball website “ ” said on the 25th (Korean time).

Snell suffered an inner thigh injury while pitching a bullpen recently. According to , the same problem happened twice before.

“Of course, I’m disappointed. I felt really good even while throwing this week from the bullpen,” Snell said. “I had high expectations on how I would be able to display overall when I pitched. It was quite embarrassing to get injured. Now I have to focus on getting back to my health and getting back to being a pitcher.”

San Francisco Giants manager Bob Melvin said, “I hope Snell gets off the IL and throws a better pitch than before. It has been a challenging spring for him. April was not his best month in the first place. There is nothing we can do right now but overcome it and pitch better.”

Snell played with the San Diego Padres last season along with Kim Ha-sung. In 32 games, he pitched 14 wins, 9 losses and 180 innings, with 234 strikeouts and a 2.25 ERA. He recorded the most walks in a season in his career, but his strikeout record was also the most in a single season.

Snell won the National League Cy Young Award. In 2018, he won the American League Cy Young Award with 21 wins and 5 losses with a 1.89 ERA in 31 games while wearing the Tampa Bay Rays uniform, and became the winner of the Cy Young Award in two major leagues in five seasons. He is the seventh winner of the Cy Young Award in the history of the two major leagues.

Snell, who later came to the FA market, did not take on a new team until spring training began. There was news that the New York Yankees were aiming for him, but there were differences in the size of the contract.

In the end, he signed a two-year contract worth 62 million U.S. dollars with San Francisco. The contract included a clause allowing him to opt out after the end of this season. That’s how he got to share a team with Lee. 메이저사이트

However, he got off to a bad start in the season. In the game against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday, he allowed three runs in three innings of three hits, two walks and five strikeouts, six hits (two homers) in four innings against Tampa Bay on Saturday, and seven runs in four ⅔ against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sunday, nine hits, one out and three strikeouts, and five runs in four ⅔ innings. He lost three games and had an ERA of 11.57.

However, Snell said, “My arm feels good. I’m feeling fine. I only have my thighs left,” adding, “I’m much more confident about my condition now. I’m much more confident in my condition now. I knew it was going to take some time in 2021. I was more optimistic in 2022. This time, I feel better.”

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