“Don’t follow the expedition, stay behind!” Denied boarding at the airport… James Harden’s humiliation

Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden, who left the team for ‘personal reasons’ but returned just before the opening day, was truly humiliated.

NBA expert columnist Chris Haynes introduced the inside story of what happened to the team on the day Harden returned to the team through an article posted on ‘Bleacher Report’ on the 27th (Korean time).

According to this, Harden appeared at the club’s training facility in Camden, New Jersey, USA on Wednesday local time.

He had left the team for 10 days due to personal reasons. On the surface, the reason is his personal circumstances, but the prevailing prediction is that he was expressing dissatisfaction with the failed trade.

At this point, Harden received instructions from club officials that he should stay in Philadelphia and improve his physical condition instead of participating in the opening two-game away game. In a way, it was a natural move since he had been away from training camp for 10 days.카지노사이트

There was a problem with communication during this process. Harden accepted this instruction as a ‘suggestion’ rather than a ‘requirement’.

When Harden learned that Coach Rico Hines, who is mainly in charge of his training, was accompanying the team, he tried to accompany the team on the trip.

He came to the airport to board a chartered plane to accompany the expedition, but was stopped by security and denied boarding the plane.

General manager Elton Brand and coach Nick Nurse again ordered Harden to remain in Philadelphia and undergo separate training. In the end, Harden had to leave the airport in despair.

Haynes said that the 76ers’ decision to exclude Harden from the trip was partly to allow him to focus on preparing for the season, but it was also a measure to prevent the team from being disturbed by issues related to Harden’s future.

If Harden travels, he must sit on the bench and watch the game in accordance with the NBA’s new regulations. A situation where Harden is watching the game could be an uncomfortable situation for the team.

Since the trade fell through, Harden has been causing friction with the club, including criticizing the club’s operator, President Darryl Morey, as a ‘liar’ in public. It’s already been creaky since the season started.

Haynes said Harden is willing to help the team win a championship, but he still hasn’t given up on the idea of ​​leaving Philadelphia.

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