“Does it make sense to get 1 pass in a game?” PL Legend, “100 billion” episode… There’s a reason why there’s 0 league goals

Alan Shearer expressed frustration at the situation where Rasmus Huairun was not properly supported by his colleagues.

Britain’s BBC reported on Wednesday (Korea time) that Shearer appeared on the Premier League program Match of the Day. “Antoni has passed only six times while playing with Shearer for the most goals scored (260 goals) in the history of the Premier League. And Garnacho has passed five times throughout this season,” Shearer said.

Shearer continued, “I don’t know that I can pass this much in one game, but it doesn’t make sense that I can only pass this much to my teammates while playing together for five to six games. Something is going very wrong. If this area doesn’t improve, Manchester United will never score a goal.”

Manchester United lost 0-2 in their recent away match at West Ham. In the 27th minute of the second half and the 33rd minute of the second half, Manchester United dropped to their knees due to consecutive losses against Jerod Bowen and Mohamed Kudus. As a result, Manchester United dropped to eighth place with one draw and two losses in their last three league games. 랭크카지노

It is not just shaking in the league. Manchester United has had one win, one draw and four losses in six matches across all competitions since December. In the process, the team lost 0-1 to Bayern Munich, and was eliminated at the bottom of the UEFA Champions League group stage. It was only that the team beat Chelsea 2-1, which was in a bad situation similar to Manchester United.

In particular, all five matches that have not been won except against Chelsea have been scoreless. While losing one draw and three losses in four matches based on the PL, Manchester United did not score a single goal. Manchester United seemed to rebound after winning all three league games in November, but fell into a slump again.

The biggest problem is poor scoring ability. In the match against West Ham, he also shot 11 shots on target, but only three times on target. On top of that, Huairun, who started as a forward striker, had no single shot before being replaced by Marcus Rashford in the 12th minute of the second half. Huairun, who joined Manchester United this summer, has not scored a single goal in the current league.

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