Bury your bones at the training ground!’ Manager Ten Haag, anxious about falling to 11th place, strengthens Manchester United’s training principles. Lunch is also available at the training center!

Stay longer and train. ‘I ate lunch in the cafeteria’

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag seems to be in a hurry. Training rules have been further strengthened. Last season, they finished third in the English Premier League (EPL), raising expectations for a championship challenge in the new season, but this can be seen as a reflection of their sense of crisis as they fell to 11th place in the league due to a series of bad news and slumps at the beginning of the season. Players were asked to remain at the Carrington training ground for longer. It was even emphasized that lunch should be eaten in the cafeteria

British media Daily Mail reported on the 15th (Korean time) that ‘Coach Ten Haag has established a new policy to remain at the training ground longer as a way to improve the team’s performance.’ According to this, Coach Ten Haag has actively moved to strengthen his control over the team’s training methods.

This can be seen as a policy in response to the poor performance at the beginning of the season. Manchester United is currently ranked 11th in the league with 2 wins and 2 losses (6 points) after the 4th round. In particular, the crushing 1-3 loss in the last match against Arsenal left quite a big shock. This is because after this game, coach Ten Haag made a comment about Jadon Sancho’s exclusion from the list, and Sancho’s ‘protest’ immediately broke out. Manchester United eventually decided to exclude Sancho from first-team training. This is to strengthen director Ten Haag’s leadership.소닉카지노

As preparations for the 5th round resumed after the international break, Coach Ten Haag applied the strengthened Carrington training ground usage principle to the players in order to shake off these negative factors. The goal is to remain on the training ground longer. In particular, the previous practice of players returning home for lunch after morning training was restricted. Coach Ten Haag ordered us to eat lunch at the newly renovated Carrington cafeteria and then leave work after 2pm.

The goal is to increase the players’ training time while also managing their diet. To this end, Manchester United hired a new head chef following the US tour earlier this year. We have also started monitoring blood sugar levels and individual nutritional and water intake status. Coach Ten Haag is trying to tighten his grip on the team. Coach Ten Haag is also desperate as the team has fallen to 11th place.

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