‘Battleground’ shortstops GG Oh Ji-hwan and Park Chan-ho… Golden Glove voting has begun

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) on Monday finalized the nominees for the 2023 KBO Golden Glove.

This year, there are 81 Golden Glove nominees, and only 10 players will be honored as the best performers at each position in the KBO.

Pitchers are eligible for the Golden Glove if they meet one of the following criteria: 10 or more wins, 30 or more saves, or 30 or more holds. Catchers and fielders are eligible if they have played at least 720 innings (team games X 5 innings) of defense at their position. Designated hitters must bat at least 297 times, or ⅔ of their eligible at-bats, as a designated hitter to be eligible.

The first-place finisher in each individual category in the KBO regular season will automatically be nominated for the position for which the criteria is met, regardless of eligibility. However, if a titleholder plays multiple positions and does not meet the defensive innings requirement at any of them, they will be nominated for the position in which they played the most defensive innings. If you need to compare defensive innings and designated hitter at-bats, you will be nominated for the position with the highest percentage of each.

Based on these criteria, 28 pitchers, 7 catchers, 3 first basemen, 5 second basemen, 5 third basemen, 8 shortstops, 20 outfielders, and 5 designated hitters were selected as candidates. 보스토토 도메인

No team had a nominee in every position, with the most nominations coming from the Korean Series champions, LG, with 12 players.

The most competitive position is shortstop. The LG Twins’ Oh Ji-hwan and the KIA Tigers’ Park Chan-ho are expected to battle it out. Park has the edge in regular season hitting. Park has earned the title of “3-Star Shortstop,” while Oh has the lingering memories of the Korean Series MVP thanks to his late-game heroics. Both have been recognized for their defense. At the KBO Awards ceremony on Sunday, the two shared the trophy as the inaugural co-winners of the Defensive Shortstop Award, which was created for the first time this year.

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