‘Backup doping test was also positive’… Pogba early retirement? “Possibility of contract termination with Juventus”

It seems difficult for Paul Pogba to avoid disciplinary action due to drugs, as his backup doping test eventually came back positive. 

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European soccer transfer market, said on his SNS on the 6th (Korean time), “Pogba also tested positive in the backup doping test. Juventus has made a decision on signing a contract with Pogba, who is at risk of being banned from playing. “It will come down,” he reported.

In the past, Pogba was one of France’s leading midfielders. Unable to get a chance at Manchester United, he headed to Juventus as a free agent and developed into a top midfielder in Europe under coach Antonio Conte. 

Pogba, who showed off pressure relief, sharp passing, and unrivaled football sense at Juventus, played a major role in Serie A, scoring 34 goals and providing 40 assists in 178 games over four years, winning Serie A four times and winning the European Football Confederation (UEFA) title four times. He achieved great achievements in both team and individual achievements, including being runner-up in the UEFA Champions League once and being selected as the FIFPro World Best 11 by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) once.

However, Pogba, who returned to Manchester United, experienced difficulties again. Although he often showed outstanding performance in his games, he was unable to consistently perform as the team’s ace due to frequent ups and downs and injury problems, and was later excluded from coach Erik Turnhach’s plans and had to leave the team.

In the end, Pogba returned to his former team Juventus after six years when his contract with Manchester United expired last summer. Juventus is the team that helped Pogba grow into a world-class midfielder, and Juventus, which has good memories with Pogba, immediately pushed for a contract when he became a free agent (FA).

However, his return to Juventus was not successful. Not long after joining Juventus, Pogba suffered a knee meniscus injury during pre-season in July of last year. It was a serious injury and required surgery, but Pogba opted for rehabilitation rather than surgery out of concern that he would not be able to participate in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

However, contrary to expectations, the injured area did not improve, so Pogba eventually gave up his stubbornness and decided to undergo surgery in September of last year. As his surgery was delayed, his return was delayed, and Pogba did not play his first game since returning to Juventus until last February. However, Pogba was immediately injured again and could not play properly. 

Juventus tried to sell Pogba, who receives an annual salary of 10.5 million euros (about 15 billion won), to Saudi Arabia. American media ‘ESPN’ reported, “Juventus will not stop Pogba if he wants to leave and wants 10 million euros (about 14.3 billion won) as a transfer fee.” Italian media outlet Gazzetta dello Sport also said, “Juventus will not block the transfer of Pogba, who played only 161 minutes in 10 games in all competitions last season, if he says he wants to leave.” Since his annual salary is 15 billion won, Pogba received about 93 million won for every minute he played last season.

He added, “Juventus is expected to take 10 million euros (about 14.3 billion won) from Pogba, who was signed as a free agent last summer without a transfer fee.” However, even this failed and it seemed like they would have to stay together again this season. 

However, the partnership between Pogba and Juventus could not end properly. This is because news of Pogba’s doping emerged. The news was first reported on September 12th through an announcement by the team, Juventus. Juventus said on the club’s official website: “We today announce that midfielder Paul Rabile Pogba has been provisionally banned by the Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal following an unfavorable result in a doping test conducted on 20 August 2023. “We reserve the right to evaluate the next procedural steps,” he said, adding that he would respond quickly.

Before the club’s official announcement, leading Italian media outlets had already reported on Pogba’s doping, so it seems likely that Pogba will be punished for doping unless there is a sudden result to the contrary. Italy’s anti-doping tribunal also explained to AFP: “We have suspended Pogba on the recommendation of the doping test. The sanctions were imposed for violations of Articles 2.1 and 2.2 regarding testosterone.”메이저사이트

Testosterone is a banned substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency and is classified as an anabolic steroid. It is famous as a banned drug that professional sports players should avoid first as it can dramatically improve muscle development as well as body shape and physical sensation.

Although over-the-counter products sold at pharmacies do not contain steroid hormones such as testosterone, medications that require a specialist prescription to treat serious illnesses may contain them. Additionally, in Italy, it exists only as prescription-free drugs, so you have no choice but to obtain it illegally online. It became important how Pogba obtained testosterone and whether the medication was intentional or a mistake.

The controversy spread, starting with Italy’s Corriere della Sera reporting that “Pogba tested positive for testosterone in a doping test,” followed by La Gazzetta dello Sport and Italian news agency ANSA, and eventually the Anti-Doping Tribunal’s ruling. He faced the biggest crisis of his career as a player when he was provisionally suspended from playing.

The French soccer world was also turned upside down. L’Equipe said, “Pogba remained on the bench,” and “Corriere della Sera’s first report, as well as La Gazzetta dello Sport and ANSA, began to report Pogba’s doping positive in succession. His team Juventus “The only thing left to do is an official announcement,” he said.

French media RMC Sports also said, “Pogba was suspended from competition by the Italian Anti-Doping Tribunal after testing positive for testosterone. Pogba must submit evidence to refute within 3 days. Doping substances were also detected in the second test.” “If this happens, there is a risk of strong sanctions. The 30-year-old midfielder could be sidelined for up to four years,” he said, predicting that the level of Pogba’s disciplinary action could increase to up to four years.

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