ATM did not forget Lee Kang-in, Spanish media raised shock loan transfer rumors

Atletico Madrid (ATM) did not forget Lee Kang-in (22, PSG). Less than half a year after the transfer, rumors of Lee Kang-in’s shock loan were raised.

Spanish media ‘Todo Pichajes’ reported on the 10th (Korean time), “Atletico Madrid is keeping an eye on two players who have not yet secured a place in the PSG first team. ATM coach Diego Simeone likes them and tried to recruit them in the past but failed. Lee Kang-in and Carlos Soler are the main characters,” he said, reporting on the connection between ATM and Lee Kang-in.

Todo Pichajes reported on ATM’s interest in Lee Kang-in, who played for Mallorca in the Spanish Primera Liga, even ahead of last summer’s transfer window. At the time, the media also reported that ATM was planning to pay a transfer fee of about 20 million euros (29.2 billion won) for Lee Kang-in, sparking transfer rumors.

However, once the transfer market opened, ATM was reluctant to pay a large transfer fee, and in the meantime, French giant Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) paid a transfer fee of 22 million euros (about 31.5 billion won) to take Lee Kang-in. As a result, ATM, which had expressed interest in Lee Kang-in, experienced failure in the transfer market.

But suddenly, less than two months after the start of the league, why did the ATM transfer rumor arise again?

Todo Pichajes said, “ATM is planning to bring in these two players (Lee Kang-in, Soler) on loan in January of next year,” and “As ATM wingers Yannick Carrasco and Thomas Lemar are expected to transfer, Lee Kang-in will be ATM’s starting player. “It will be possible,” he predicted.

In addition, PSG’s current difficult situation was seen as a possibility of a squad reorganization and the possibility of a loan transfer for Lee Kang-in. While Lee Kang-in is away due to injury and selection for the Asian Games, PSG, led by coach Luis Enrique, is showing a disappointing performance at the beginning of the season, falling to 3rd place in the league.

Even in Ligue 1, although they have an overwhelming team that is incomparable, they are falling behind in competition with AS Monaco and OGC Nice. Of the eight games played in the league, there have already been three draws and one defeat. The reviews are all harsh, not only in terms of results but also in terms of content.

As criticism pours in that Coach Enrique’s tactical management skills are poor, the position of the head coach is in jeopardy much earlier than expected.

For this reason, Pichajes predicted, “ATM believes that it will be possible to bring in Lee Kang-in and Soller from PSG,” and added, “PSG coach Luis Enrique will also bring about many changes to the squad in the winter transfer market as the team is not in a good situation.”

Although ATM’s transfer rumor is still bigger, the Spanish media seems to be hoping for Lee Kang-in’s return to the Primera Liga in many ways.

Elgol Digital, another Spanish media outlet, also mentioned Lee Kang-in’s ATM transfer rumor on the 10th, saying, “Will PSG star Lee Kang-in replace Lemar at Atletico?”레고토토

Lemar, a midfielder from the French national team who has been playing for ATM for six seasons since the 2018 season, has been the team’s key offensive resource. There were times when he was the team’s leader, but he played a role in adding depth to the squad by moving between the starting position and the bench.

However, Lemar suffered a fatal Achilles tendon injury last September. Even if he recovers from his injuries and returns, a rehabilitation process of about six months is essential. For this reason, many believe that his relationship with ATM will no longer continue and that he will transfer.

Therefore, it is believed that Lee Kang-in’s transfer will be challenged again as his replacement. Elgol Digital said, “ATM needs to find a replacement in the winter transfer market in preparation for Lemar’s long absence,” adding, “The club’s target is Lee Kang-in, who showed explosive performance in Mallorca. Lee Kang-in has not been able to appear in as many games as expected since his transfer to PSG. ATM will try to bring him on loan in the winter transfer window next January or re-sign him in the summer transfer window,” he added.

In summary, it appears to be a unilateral transfer expected from Spain in a situation where ATM’s player departure is likely. However, this is not an unlikely scenario given that the atmosphere inside the ATM is still keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in.

Of course, it is too hasty to raise transfer rumors given that Lee Kang-in has not yet played a proper season at PSG. Also, PSG’s intention is almost like news that has not been considered.

For Lee Kang-in, who happily resolved his military service issue while winning a gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, transfer rumors that came out of nowhere are not welcome. However, at the same time, the news that there is still a love call from a prestigious Spanish club is not something to be reluctant about.

If Lee Kang-in returns to PSG and lifts up the currently shaky team again, his value is bound to rise further.

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