‘An unknown Japanese person is on the Bayern Munich bench’ → Goal ceremony with idol Kimmich… 19-year-old rookie MF, preview of debut

The possibility of Bayern Munich’s new Japanese midfielder Fukui debuting is attracting attention.

Bayern Munich drew 2-2 in the fourth round of the 2023-24 Bundesliga against Leverkusen held at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany on the morning of the 16th (Korean time). In this game, which attracted attention as a match between two teams competing for the Bundesliga lead, Bayern Munich recorded 3 wins and 1 draw (10 points) along with a draw, remaining in second place in the league behind Leverkusen (10 points) on goal difference. Bayern Munich’s Kim Min-jae played full-time and led the defense, while Bayern Munich gave up two goals to Leverkusen through free kicks and penalty kicks.

Bayern Munich’s matchday squad against Leverkusen included rising Japanese midfielder Fukui. The match against Leverkusen was the first time that Fukui, who joined Bayern Munich’s second team since last season, was included in the entry for a Bayern Munich first team match. 19-year-old rookie Fukui made his professional debut at the age of 17 in 2021 while playing for Sagandos.카지노사이트

German media TZ said, ‘An unknown Japanese suddenly sat on the Bayern Munich bench.’ A previously unknown face stands out on the Bayern Munich bench. Some Bayern Munich fans may have been surprised to see the bench. He noted that he is a player who is unknown even to Bayern Munich’s ardent fans. In addition, ‘Fukui was named in Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga match entry for the first time. ‘This was possible because Bayern Munich had to play without Coman,’ he added.

TZ said, ‘The 173cm tall Japanese moved from Sagandos to Bayern Munich earlier this year. He made his J. League 1 debut at the age of 17. Fukui, who was signed for a transfer fee of 400,000 euros, played in 7 games for Bayern Munich’s second team this season. He appeared in 12 matches for Bayern Munich’s second team, registering 4 assists. Fukui expressed interest, saying, “He is a player under contract with Bayern Munich until 2025.” After joining Bayern Munich, Fukui said, “My role models are Kimmich and De Bruyne.”

Bayern Munich is struggling with a series of injuries. Kimmich and Musiala, who missed the match against France on the 13th due to injury after being called up to the German national team, were uncertain about their participation in the match against Leverkusen, but played about 60 and 30 minutes, respectively. On the other hand, Coman, who suffered a muscle injury after being called up to the French national team, was excluded from the match against Leverkusen and was absent.

Bayern Munich, which did not have a strong player base this season, registered only 22 players for the UEFA Champions League competition. Each club can register 25 players for the UEFA Champions League, but Bayern Munich was unable to fill all 25 players. Fukui was not named in Bayern Munich’s UEFA Champions League entry.

Lee Hyun-joo, a promising Korean player who has been playing for Bayern Munich’s second team since the 2021-22 season, was loaned to Wiesbaden in the Bundesliga’s second division this season. Lee Hyun-joo scored 10 goals in 26 games for Bayern Munich’s second-team team, and Fukui also assisted Lee Hyun-joo’s score last season.

Among Korean players, the first player to debut at Bayern Munich is Jung Woo-young, who is currently playing for Stuttgart. Despite being in his late teens during the 2018-19 season, Jung Woo-young attracted attention by making both his Bundesliga debut and UEFA Champions League debut at Bayern Munich. Jung Woo-young played in Freiburg and is continuing his career in Stuttgart this season.

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