An exhibition that started with the desire to help Brazilian athletes… The story behind ‘The Beginning’

It was not an exhibition prepared simply with the idea of ​​introducing Brazilian players playing in the K-League. What started with the desire to help Brazilian athletes resulted in an exhibition.

K-League Brazil and Capo Football Store will be holding ‘The Beginning’, an exhibition containing the stories of Brazilian players representing the K-League, at the Capo Football Store located in Dongdaemun, Seoul from September 11th to 24th. The subtitle of this exhibition is ‘Stories about Brazilian K-League players you didn’t know about.’ At the exhibition, you can see for yourself the stories of Brazilian players that you may not have known about before.

There are a total of 11 players that can be seen in ‘The Beginning’. Sejinha, Edgar (Daegu FC), Gustavo (Jeonbuk Hyundai), Hernández (Incheon United), Leandro (Daejeon Hana Citizens), Zeka (Pohang Steelers), Gabriel, Denilson (Seongnam FC), Nilsson Jr. (Bucheon FC) , Valdivia (Jeonnam Dragons), and Andrigo (former FC Anyang, current Chengdu Rongcheng). K-League Brazil, which planned the exhibition together with Capo Football Store, captured the stories of all 11 players while playing.

On the 19th, when the exhibition was in full swing, I visited Capo Store and met with K-League Brazilian managers Mr. Kelevi and Mr. Ahn Hyun-tae, who planned the exhibition. Mr. Kelebi has been living in Korea ever since he came to Korea with his Korean wife seven years ago. He runs a K-League Brazil channel that introduces Brazilian players playing in the K-League while working his day job. Hyuntae Ahn is a member of the content agency LOS Project.

Kelebi had a hard time adjusting when he first came to Korea. Then he became close with Adi and Leandro, who were coaches at FC Seoul at the time, and Adriano, who was a player, and their families. Afterwards, he felt that he wanted to convey information about famous players such as Wan Delson (Pohang Steelers) and Negueba (Gyeongnam FC at the time), and further said that the K-League Brazil channel was started with the desire to help Brazilian players who are having a hard time in Korea. .

Mr. Kelebi, who visited Capo to help a player buy soccer shoes while playing in K-League Brazil, happened to meet Hyun-tae Ahn at Capo, and has been planning an exhibition using the space at Capo since last January. Just as K-League Brazil tells the story of Brazilian players, this exhibition was also explained as an event for Brazilian players, not an exhibition to promote K-League Brazil.

Preparations did not go smoothly. Mr. Kelebi said, “I wanted to tell the stories of Brazilian players that people don’t know about. However, in the process of preparing to tell the stories of the 11 players, there were communication errors and some unintended things happened. For example, we “There was a situation where we had to take a picture, but a typical example was when Sejingya was injured and couldn’t do that.”

The two said that the process of preparing for this exhibition was a meaningful time for them. Mr. Kelebi said, “‘The Beginning’ is not just for Brazilian athletes. It is for all of us who are preparing for this exhibition.”

Hyuntae Ahn said, “As Kalevi said, ‘O Inicio (meaning beginning in Brazilian)’ seems to have been thought that not only is the exhibition an exhibition, but the process of creating it itself is also a meaningful beginning. Kalevi also created good content like this. I think they took the help in creating it differently. They also wanted to attach great significance to the fact that we met all the players in person, designed the design, and prepared this exhibition. So, even when posting, we said that this was the beginning of the exhibition. “I made it known. The players’ stories are important, but it was also an important time for us to understand each other’s culture while preparing. They said Korea’s ‘Palari, Ppalli’ culture was shocking from the perspective of Brazilians,” he explained.

He added, “There were two main things that Kalevi found difficult while preparing for this exhibition. One was managing the players’ schedules. While preparing, both I and Capo understood these aspects.”

Fortunately, this exhibition was able to be held successfully thanks to the active participation of Brazilian players and the maintenance of the direction of the exhibition. Of course, Capo’s efforts to provide space also helped.

Hyun-tae Ahn said, “Some players wanted to come all the way to Seoul and film. I think everyone basically liked creating content like this. Because the players have high self-esteem, Kalevi needed to coordinate these things.” “After learning that I was working, Capo also focused on the intention of promoting Brazilian players at a certain point,” he said.안전놀이터

As the title suggests, ‘The Beginning’ exhibition is just the beginning. K-League Brazil plans to continue to grow the size of the community related to Brazilian players playing in the K-League.

Hyun-Tae Ahn said, “This exhibition is just the beginning, so I hope that through this exhibition, Brazilian players playing in the K-League will have a lot of sympathy for the direction we want to take. So next time we prepare next year, “I think this exhibition will remain as a good example,” he said, expressing his expectations.

He also said, “There may be an interesting exhibition next year as well. I hope there will be something that can continue this. From the perspective of K-League Brazil, opening such an exhibition itself was meaningful. On the opening day of the exhibition, the Brazilian player community gathered together. It was also the first time we gathered together. It can be our role to make these gatherings grow bigger, and even if it is not an exhibition, we can increase the number of such gatherings and create a gathering with family and fans in the future. An exhibition that can serve as an opportunity for that. “I don’t think so. This is literally the beginning,” he said.

‘The Beginning’, which contains the stories of Brazilian players, can be found on the 5th floor of Dongdaemun Capo Football Store until the 24th.

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