Amateur women’s futsal competition starts in Siheung and continues in Pyeongtaek

The ‘2023 Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Competition’, Korea’s top amateur futsal competition, will hold the Pyeongtaek region preliminaries at The Peach Pyeongtaek branch on the 23rd.메이저놀이터

This competition, hosted by sports marketing company HNS Co., Ltd. and Gatorade as a partner, has already successfully completed the middle school students’ competition in the first half of this year, and the women’s competition in the second half has entered a fierce competition in a total of eight regions, starting with the Siheung competition on the 16th.

The Siheung competition featured a fierce competition between 32 adult teams and 4 middle school teams. The adult division played a full league in 8 groups of 4 teams each, and the winner was determined in the knockout stage. The Gatorangers won the championship. In the girls’ middle school competition, which was established for the first time this year, four teams competed in the full league, and Bank Middle School won for the first time.

Among the teams participating in the Pyeongtaek regional preliminaries, attention is focused on ‘Pyeongtaek Oning FS.’ Pyeongtaek Oning FS, founded in 2021, has finished second place several times in other competitions, but has yet to win the championship. They are showing their determination to set a record of winning for the first time since the team was founded in this Gatorade competition.

Among the participating teams composed mainly of office workers, college student teams can also be seen. This is ‘Yongin Women’s Futsal Club’. The ‘Yongin University Women’s Futsal Club’, which was founded last year, has only recently formed a team, but has accumulated various awards, including wins in competitions it has participated in. Attention is focused on whether the college team will win the championship for the first time in the history of the Gatorade competition.

Anyone who is not registered as a player with the Korea Football Association can participate in this tournament. After the Pyeongtaek competition, regional preliminary rounds will be held in Seoul, Changwon (October 7), Busan, Cheonan (October 14), Jeonju, and Ulsan (October 28). Top-performing teams are eligible to participate in the national championship and receive prize money.

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