6th seed great rebellion’ Arizona shakes… Legendary rock group suddenly cancels concert at the baseball stadium on the day of the 3rd game “There are concerns about safety accidents if crowds overlap

Fans are excited about Major League Baseball’s Arizona ‘Autumn Rebellion’. The legendary rock group, which was scheduled to hold a concert at its home stadium, also canceled the performance due to concerns about safety accidents.

On the 8th (Korean time), the American ABC broadcast said, “Rock band group Guns N’ Roses held their concert scheduled at Chase Field, Arizona’s home stadium, saying, ‘Congratulations on Arizona’s advancement to the postseason.’ It was canceled,” the report said.먹튀검증

Guns N’ Roses said through their SNS (social network service) account, “The Major League Playoffs will be held in Arizona, so unfortunately we have canceled the concert show originally scheduled to be held at Chase Field on the 12th,” and “Instead, this Sunday.” “We decided to move to Talking Stick Resort and hold a show to replace the existing concert schedule,” he said.

ABC said, “Guns N’ Roses’ show was scheduled to be held in the afternoon, but Game 3 of the National League Division Series (NLDS) between Arizona and the Los Angeles Dodgers was held at the same venue that evening. If a large number of people gather at once, it may be crowded. “Due to concerns about safety accidents, Guns N’ Roses has made the decision to cancel their show.”

Guns N’ Roses, formed in the United States in 1985, has grown into a legendary rock group with hits such as their representative song ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, and is still actively engaged in concert tours. To date, it has been calculated that a total of 66.7 million albums have been sold worldwide, and the estimated sales volume including unofficial records reaches a whopping 100 million copies. In 2009, he visited Korea and performed.

Meanwhile, Arizona, which barely joined the fall baseball season as the last 6th seed in the National League, is making a huge splash in the postseason. After defeating third-seeded Milwaukee with two consecutive wins in the Wild Card Series, they also won both the first and second away games against the second-seeded Dodgers in the Division Series.

Arizona and the Dodgers will play games 3 and 4 at Chase Field on the 12th and 13th. If a 5th game is needed for the NLDS, which has 3 wins out of 5, the game is scheduled to be moved to Los Angeles Dodger Stadium on the 15th.

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