579.2 billion won rejected, ‘Kim Ha Sung won’t break up until July’? Demon Agent Existence ‘Deal Certain’

“They’re likely to hold on to him until next July and see where they are in the standings before deciding whether to move him.”

The San Diego Padres’ trade of Juan Soto, 25, is not going well. It’s effectively an open trade, which could put pressure on San Diego and its partner clubs. Still, as much as Soto is in demand, “The Devil’s Agent” Scott Boras, 71, is relaxed.

San Diego wants to keep next year’s payroll around $200 million. It was about $250 million this year, so they’re looking to tighten their belts. Unlike previous years, they won’t be pursuing a big outside free agent, and they’ll be parting ways with internal free agents Josh Hader and Blake Snell.

Soto was traded to San Diego in the summer of 2022 after turning down a 15-year, $440 million extension from the Washington Nationals. He made up for his poor 2022 season this season. In 162 games, he batted .275 with 156 hits in 568 at-bats, 32 home runs, 132 RBIs, and a .929 OPS.

As such, Soto is in his final year of salary arbitration. That means he can hit free agency in 2024-2025. With a projected salary of $33 million next year, the Nats would have to offer him an extension worth at least $440 million to avoid losing him in free agency. Why a pay-cut-minded San Diego would have no choice but to trade Soto. 보스토토 도메인

However, San Diego may not trade Soto immediately this winter and hold onto him until the summer trade deadline, according to a report from The Athletic on Tuesday. “San Diego will likely hold onto Soto until next July and see where they stand in the standings before deciding whether to move him,” The Athletic said.

If he performs well next year, he could stay with them through next year. In other words, he’s on the hook for next year’s $33 million salary. While this is absolutely detrimental to the payroll, if the Padres do make the playoffs, it might be worth it to sell Soto. If San Diego doesn’t do well and falls behind, they’ll make a trade without looking back.

However, in general, making a trade in the offseason will get you a better return than making a trade at the July deadline. This is because all 29 clubs can be buyers at this time of year, but not in the summer. That’s why The Athletic also said, “If the right offer comes to the table this winter, you never know what could happen.”

San Diego and Boras are already in extension talks. Of course, Boras, who wants to maximize his earnings, isn’t going to put his stamp on it easily. The Athletic reports, “The two sides appear to be close to reaching an agreement. It’s clear San Diego is considering a trade.”

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