5 years ago, we were one team… ‘North-South confrontation’ on Chuseok

Five years ago, at the Asian Games in Jakarta, the women’s basketball team formed a single team with North Korea.

This time, they faced each other as opponents for first place in the group and fought without giving up.

It was a completely different atmosphere from the last competition.메이저사이트

The unified team between South and North Korea at the Asian Games five years ago included three North Korean players.

We trained together for over 40 days and worked well together.

[Roh Sook-young/Single women’s basketball team at the time]
“We lived and trained together, and I’m really sad to part ways.”

After winning the silver medal, I said goodbye with hot tears.

[Ro Sook-young/Single women’s basketball team at the time]
<Goodbye, Sook-young.>
“Let’s not cry.”

However, the friendly atmosphere at the time has changed dramatically in five years.

The players of both teams, who met as enemies, strengthened their will to win the match to take first place in the group, and the cheering squads of both sides also raised their voices and engaged in an off-site confrontation.

The competition was also fierce.

North Korea took an early lead thanks to Park Jin-ah, a 2 meter 5 centimeter tall center, and national team center Park Ji-su fiercely fought with Park Jin-ah without yielding.

North Korea, which at one point had a 10-point lead, called time out when the national team’s chase began.

[Jeong Seong-sim/North Korea national team coach]
“Hey, defend, defend. Don’t make strange moves! There are many opportunities. Be bold and throw ‘tight’. Be bold and throw ‘tight’!”

However, as our main weapons, fast attack and outer guns, came to life, the tide of the war quickly turned.

The national team, which blocked North Korea’s scoring with strong pressure defense and even saved Park Ji-soo’s goal, won by 19 points, confirmed its place in the quarterfinals with two consecutive wins.

After the loss, the North Korean players left the stadium with stern expressions on their faces and without saying goodbye.

[Park Ji-su/Women’s Basketball Team]
“I think we were able to achieve a good result and victory because our teammates did a good job. I called so-and-so (from the North) and even called the coach, but he didn’t receive a greeting. So I felt a little disappointed, but “I know it can’t be helped…”

As much as we once sweated together, he was the most difficult and difficult opponent.

The national team will rest for a day and then play the final group match against Chinese Taipei.

This is Taewoon Kim from MBC News in Hangzhou.

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