2 consecutive wins against Suwon’ Gwangju, aiming for 3 consecutive wins… What is the result of the head-to-head confrontation?

Gwangju FC, which won two consecutive victories against Suwon Samsung, is aiming for a third consecutive win.

Gwangju and Suwon will play round 28 of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ at 7:30 pm on the 27th at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium. Gwangju is in 6th place with 39 points (10 wins, 9 draws, 8 losses), while Suwon is in 11th place with 22 points (5 wins, 7 draws, 15 losses).카지노사이트

Gwangju, which stands out for its ability to manage points, is currently in the top spot for Final A. Currently undefeated in 7 matches. In the last game against Incheon United, even after allowing Jerso two runs first, Asani and Lee Kun-hee scored consecutive goals to make it 2-2. He showed his potential from the brink of defeat and came back to life to win the victory. It was a game that showed Gwangju’s tenacity.

Currently undefeated in 7 matches. Even though there are many draws, it is encouraging to get points without losing. The defense was strong. Even at the beginning of the season, the defense was shaken and showed regret, but as it regained a sense of stability, it only gave up 28 runs in 27 games. It is second only to Jeonbuk Hyundai and the team with the fewest goals. There are many people who enjoy Gwangju soccer as great mobility is maintained despite the solid defense.

Even without a clear scorer, Asani, Lee Kun-hee, and Um Ji-seong are scoring goals, and there are also those who score surprise goals such as Joo Young-jae and Jung Ji-hoon. If Becca, who joined Summer, survives, it will be a great help to Gwangju. It’s not that there are no worries at all. Teemo is injured and there is a gap in the defense. Aaron is also not feeling well. In other words, bad things happened to good defense.

Suwon has noticeably changed after the appointment of manager Kim Byung-soo. As good players such as Kazuki and Kim Joo-won were recruited to the necessary positions, their performance improved. They survived by defeating Ulsan Hyundai 3-1, and managed to escape from the bottom by catching Gangwon FC. Losing to Suwon FC and drawing with Jeonbuk Hyundai seemed to break the atmosphere, but they revived the flow by catching Jeju United at home. Although they rebounded, they were only 1 point away from last-place Gangwon. They need a winning streak to widen the gap. This is why winning the Gwangju match is important.

The atmosphere is good, but scoring is a concern. All of the goals scored in the last two games were center backs (Han Ho-gang, Bultuis). Kim Joo-chan and Mulich, who showed off their good scoring skills in July, are silent, and Werrick Popo is also active, but he is still adapting and has no goals. The same goes for Ahn Byung-jun. In the end, goals are needed to win, so strikers are desperately needed to score.

We faced each other twice this season, and Gwangju won both. In the first round, Asani won the game with a theater goal, and in the second matchup, Ahn Byeong-jun conceded a goal, but Thomas scored a multi-goal and won dramatically. Both matches were played in theaters, and the Gwangju fans went wild. Attention is focusing on whether Gwangju will be able to win three consecutive victories against Suwon. Conversely, it remains to be seen whether Suwon can make up for the humiliation suffered by Gwangju.

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