‘120 billion’ problem child who went ‘excluding training’, ‘mega club’ Barcelona is watching

Barcelona are keeping an eye on Jadon Sancho.

Spain’s Sport reported on the 16th (Korean time), “The relationship between Manchester United and Sancho has frozen. Barcelona is preparing for the possibility of signing Sancho on loan in January next year. After Sancho was excluded from the Arsenal match, Eric ten Haag “He claimed to have been used as a ‘scapegoat’ by the director. He is already considering a plan to escape, but it doesn’t seem easy,” the report said.카지노사이트

He went on to explain that he is watching the situation, saying, “Sancho did not show as much as he did during his time at Dortmund at Manchester United. Barcelona are keeping an eye on Sancho as a left winger due to the vacancy. There has been no movement so far, but we are waiting for everything that happens around us.”

On the 8th, global media ‘ESPN’ reported, “Sancho faces a battle to gain support not only from coach Ten Haag but also from his colleagues. He responded to the claim that he was excluded due to unsatisfactory training performance by saying, ‘It is not true at all,’ and ‘For a long time, “He was a scapegoat,” he strongly refuted. However, sources said that Manchester United players had no sympathy for Sancho.”

“Sancho quickly responded to coach Ten Haag’s comments and the post has been pinned on social media. The source said coach Ten Haag does not feel the need to explain Sancho’s remarks or soften him up. He also said that Sancho and coach Ten Haag will take action in the future. He added, “We plan to have a conversation before the next round against Brighton,” highlighting the discord rumors. The SNS post in question was pinned at the top not long ago, indicating that the conflict had not been resolved.

The two started talking, but were unable to resolve the conflict. The British ‘Daily Star’ said, “Sancho had a conversation with coach Ten Haag after confronting him, but they failed to reach an agreement. He is expected to leave the team in the January transfer window. The problematic star’s relationship with coach Ten Haag has completely broken down. “Even with his teammate Anthony missing due to violence charges, there is a high possibility that he will not return to the starting lineup. Sancho is having a negative influence on those around the team.”

In the end, the relationship headed towards catastrophe. On the 14th, Manchester United officially announced on the club’s website, “Sancho will be excluded from the first-team squad and undergo his personal training program until the issue of player discipline is resolved.”

Rumors of release circulated. His former team Dortmund and Saudi Arabia’s Al Itifak approached him. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Manchester United ignored the Sancho loan deal promoted by Dortmund last January. If Sancho and manager ten Haag do not reconcile, Dortmund plans to begin a campaign to recruit Sancho in the winter transfer market.” reported. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported, “Al IT Park tried to sign a loan deal with Sancho, but failed. Manchester United was ready to loan Sancho for the rest of the season, but they paid a full 50 million pounds (approximately 82.6 billion won), which Al IT Park could not afford. “Recruitment options were included,” he pointed out. Even Barcelona has been mentioned here.

However, difficult negotiations are expected. The amount that Manchester United paid for Sancho in 2021 was 85 million euros (about 120.7 billion won). It appears that a considerable transfer fee will be needed to snatch Sancho. On the other hand, Sancho was unable to prove himself and faced a crisis.

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