Suwon U-18 Mo Kyung-bin joins Munich’s second-tier training to participate in the ‘Munich World Squad’

Mo Kyung-bin, a defender of the professional football K League 2 Suwon Samsung Under 18 (U-18) team (Matango), who is participating in the Bayern Munich World Squad 2024, joined the Munich second-tier training.
The Suwon club said on the 20th, “Mo Kyung-bin, who participated in the first training session of the Bayern Munich World Squad 2024 that began in the U.S. on the 1st, was selected as a player to join the Munich 2nd team training during the 2nd training session in Germany.”

Bayern Munich World Squad 2024 is a program that discovers youth players from around the world and provides them with experience on the international stage. This year, 9,300 people applied for the recruitment of 23 people.

Mo Kyung-bin and midfielder Kim Min-woo, who play for Suwon U-18 team, were selected with a 0.2% chance. 먹튀검증

In the meantime, Mo Kyung-bin played against Inter Miami Under-19 and DC United Under-19 teams, showing good performance, and was selected as a participant in Munich’s second-tier training, giving only two of the 23 participants a chance.

Mo Kyung-bin and Kim Min-woo will return home after completing the second training program for the Bayern Munich World Squad 2024, which will be held in Germany until the 30th.

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