“Sadusami”… “Expression of resignation” Chairman Jung Hae-sung leaves without tying the knot with the national director

Chung Hae-sung, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s Power Enhancement Committee, reportedly offered to resign. If the resignation is accepted as it is, Chairman Chung’s term will remain “Sadusami,” not “Yongdu-Sami.”

According to an official of the Korea Football Association on the 28th, Chairman Chung visited the Korea Football Association and expressed his resignation.

Chung became the head of the Power Enhancement Committee in February to appoint a new coach for the national soccer team.

After the replacement of former national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, the formation of the Power Reinforcement Committee was decided through the Korea Football Association’s executive meeting on February 20, and even before the executive meeting, the media reported that Jung Hae-sung, chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, would be appointed as an official coach, not an interim coach. At the same time, the names of current K-League coaches, including Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo, FC Seoul’s Kim Ki-dong, Jeju United’s Kim Hak-beom, and Gwangju FC’s Lee Jung-hyo, were mentioned.

Both the coach and the team were embarrassed as the name was mentioned not immediately after the end of the season, but at a time when the opening was just around the corner on March 1 after sweating profusely in field training. The head coaches, who met at the opening media day of the K League on Feb. 26, mainly responded that they felt uncomfortable being mentioned as a candidate for temporary coach and thought it was not polite to the club and fans.

Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo also said honestly at the time, “I don’t know anything about the national team, but I was very uncomfortable because my name was constantly mentioned.” Fans of each club, who were excited about the opening of the K League, also protested against the danger of losing their coach overnight.

Then, the Korea Football Association’s Power Enhancement Committee under Chairman Chung Hae-sung changed its direction from the interim head coach system to the provisional head coach system in March, and Hwang Seon-hong, then coach of the Olympic team, served as interim head coach for two games in March. However, the KFA failed to appoint a coach even before the A match in June, gaining time under the interim head coach Kim Do-hoon. 메이저놀이터

As the third round of Asian qualifiers, which will be a direct ticket to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America, starts in September, an official coach must be appointed before then. However, many candidates still fail to make an official appointment.

Chung has expressed his resignation at a time when he has yet to draw up a formal supervisory tie. If he resigns from his post like this, he has become the chairman of the power reinforcement committee amid suspicion, but he has failed to complete his work properly.

Chung’s moves that left only regrets throughout his term in office. There is a high possibility that even the finishing touches will be full of regrets.

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