Mugosa → Mpoku ‘First ACL’ Incheon, ‘As predicted’, the best sortie

 Incheon United’s first ever Asian Champions League (ACL) stage will be held.

Incheon United, led by coach Cho Seong-hwan, will play a single ACL playoff (PO) match against Hai Phong FC (Vietnam) at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 22nd.소닉카지노

Incheon is going to be the best member of ‘as predicted’. Cho uses a 3-5-2 tactic. Mugosa and Cheon Seong-hun match their feet with two tops. Kang Yun-goo, Mpoku, Moon Ji-hwan, Lee Myeong-ju and Jeong Dong-yoon are located in the midfield. Delbridge, Kim Dong-min and Oh Ban-seok are located in the three-back. The goal is guarded by Kim Dong-heon.

Incheon finished 4th in the K-League last year. It was the first ACL stage in 20 years since its founding. Coach Cho worked hard ahead of the match against Haiphong. On the 15th, I went on a business trip for 2 nights and 3 days to personally check out the Haiphong match held in Hong Kong.

Director Joe made a firm determination. At an official press conference held on the 21st, he said, “I will send out players with the best condition. I will do my best. I will go out. I will play the game based on the most experienced players.” As predicted, he welcomes Haiphong as the most elite member.

Meanwhile, it was from 2015 that the K-League team went through the ACL PO stage. There was no team that had not been able to overcome the wall of PO until before.

In 2015, FC Seoul beat Hanoi (Vietnam) 7-0, and in 2016, Pohang Steelers defeated Hanoi 3-0. In 2017, Ulsan Hyundai overcame Kitchi (Hong Kong) after a penalty shootout. In 2018, Suwon Samsung beat Hoa (Vietnam) 5-1. In 2019, Ulsan beat Perak (Malaysia) 5-1, and in 2020, Seoul beat Kedah (Malaysia) 4-1. In 2021, when the K-League’s ACL tickets were changed to 2 direct tickets + 2 PO tickets, Pohang and Daegu FC went directly to the finals in the aftermath of Corona 19. In 2022, Ulsan defeated Port FC (Thailand) 3-0. Daegu won after a penalty shoot-out against Buriram United (Thailand).

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