“I’m surprised by the fans’ skills.” Jeonbuk Lee Jae-ik’s special memories, the ‘eK League Supporters’ Cup’ semifinals have been completed

This is another joy of the K-League. The “eK-League Supporters’ Cup” where fans and players join together has become a hot topic of conversation. The eK-League is a domestic e-sports competition based on the “EA SPORTS™ FC Online.”
Since its launch in 2020, the size of the competition has been expanding every year. Starting in 2022, the team has been running a total of three competitions: the eK League Championship, the top-tier eK League, the Club Division, and the Open Division. It opened a new chapter this year. The eK League Supporters Cup, in which K League supporters and real players participate, has made its debut. Unlike the eK League Championship, in which FC Online gamers can participate, the competition targets pure amateurs such as club supporters. Each team will have two supporters’ representative players selected through the team’s own representative selection match and one active player from their club. Participants were recruited for 10 days from May 8 to 17, and the team’s representative selection matches were held on May 1 and 2.

The quarterfinal tournament of the eK League Supporters’ Cup 2024, co-hosted by the Korea Professional Football Association and Nexon and organized by SOOP, was held on Wednesday. Gangwon FC, Daejeon Hana Citizen, Suwon FC, Suwon Samsung, Ulsan HD, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Jeju United and Pohang Steelers took the stage. Hong Seong-moo (Gangwon), Yoon Do-young (Daejeon), Lee Kyung-min (Suwon FC), Hwang Myung-hyun (Suwon Samsung), Moon Hyun-ho (Ulsan), Lee Jae-ik (Jeonbuk Hyundai), Kim Gun-woong (Jeju) and Yoon Min-ho (Pohang) participated in the K-League.

Suwon Samsung and Ulsan, Suwon FC and Jeju, Gangwon and Pohang, and Daejeon and Jeonbuk clashed in turn. Each match was played at the clubhouse or home stadium for each club. The match, which was played 3 to 3, was best-of-three. The joys and sorrows were mixed. Ulsan beat Suwon Samsung 2-0 and Suwon FC beat Jeju 2-1. Pohang and Jeonbuk cooked Gangwon and Daejeon 2-0, respectively.

The quarterfinal match had a big impact. It was broadcast live on the official K-League YouTube and Africa TV FC online. K-League caster So Jun-il, commentator Lee Woon-jae, and eK-League commentator Hwang Deok-yeon showed off their confidence. The game was as thrilling as the actual battle on the ground. The live broadcast drew keen attention from K-League fans and FC online users, with 13,308 users at the same time and 194,644 cumulative users.
Regardless of winning or losing, it was an unforgettable memory for both the supporters and the players. Lee Jae-ik of Jeonbuk said, “I enjoyed FC online games and had a great time with the fans who supported our team. I was surprised by the good performance of the national team players, and I will try to make memories with the fans by producing good results in the final.” Kim Joon-soo, representing Jeju supporters, said, “I had a great time visiting the Jeju clubhouse, watching the players and playing games in person. If I have a chance, I will participate again.” Kim Yu-bin, representative of Daejeon supporters, also said, “I think the good purpose of this tournament is to team up with the actual K-League players and represent the team.”

“We prepared the competition to provide fans with special experiences representing the team through the FC online stage and provide players with new opportunities to communicate with fans,” said Woo Chung-shik, a professional baseball team that runs the “eK League Supporters’ Cup.” 스포츠토토

The semifinal match has also been made. Ulsan and Suwon FC, and Pohang and Jeonbuk will compete for the final match, respectively. The semifinal and final matches will be held from late July to early August and will be held in offline studios in Seoul as field-to-field showdowns. The total prize money for this year’s event is 8 million won, with 4 million won for the winning team (3 million won in prize money, 1 million won for Nexon Cash), 2.5 million won for the runner-up team (2 million won in prize money, 500,000 won for Nexon Cash), and 1.5 million won for the third-place team (one million won in prize money, 500,000 won for Nexon Cash). Following the upcoming eK League Supporters’ Cup, the professional federation and Nexon plan to continue their integrated marketing activities between the K-League and e-Sports in the future.

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