Gwangju, ‘Swanji Leechuk’ Local Boy Um Ji-sung’s last greeting… “I’ll come back someday.”

Gwangju FC said goodbye to Um Ji-sung (22), a “local boy” who is leaving for England with his fans.

The Gwangju FC club announced on the 5th that it held a farewell party for Um Ji-sung, who confirmed his transfer to Swansea City FC, a member of the British EFL Championship, in the lobby of Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall.

The event was organized to send Um Ji-sung, who moved to Europe as a franchise star of the club, to send his final greetings to fans and wish him success on the overseas stage, and more than 220 people, including 200 Gwangju FC fans selected through a lottery, owner Kang Ki-jung, CEO Noh Dong-il and head coach Lee Jung-hyo, attended the event.

The farewell party was divided into parts 1 and 2, and starting with Um Ji-sung’s greetings, watching commemorative videos, flower bouquets and rolling paper delivery ceremonies, question-and-answer with fans, prize draws for cherished items, and fan signing events were held.

Um Ji-sung said, “I was able to come here thanks to the fans’ support,” adding, “Please continue to support me and I will cheer for Gwangju from abroad. I will return to Gwangju someday and repay the fans’ love.”

Gwangju FC owner Kang Ki-jung, who attended the event, said, “I hope Um Ji-sung will perform well without getting hurt. Thank you so much to the fans who came here and please cheer for Um Ji-sung so that he doesn’t feel empty.”

Noh Dong-il, CEO of Gwangju FC, also said, “I wish Um Ji-sung a success without injury, and I ask for the fans’ generous support for Um Ji-sung,” while manager Lee Jung-hyo said, “I am grateful to the owner of Kang Ki-jung and the CEO of Noh Dong-il for allowing Um Ji-sung to transfer.” “I watched Swansea City’s game in person, and I was relieved that it was going to a team with good Um Ji-sung. Um Ji-sung will now be supported by the Korean people, so I hope fans will support Gwangju FC more.”

Then, director Choi Soo-yong of Gwangju FC U18 Kumho High School, Um Ji-sung’s teacher, and Lee Tae-kyung of Gwangju FC U18 attended and gave Um Ji-sung a bouquet of flowers, adding to the meaning of the event.

Coach Choi Soo-yong, who brought Um Ji-sung’s uniform when he was a student at Kumho High School, said, “Since high school, Um Ji-sung has been a great player and I had confidence that he would become a bigger player, so I kept the uniform,” adding, “I brought the uniform today to get Um Ji-sung’s signature, and now as a fan, I will pray for Um Ji-sung to perform well.”

Asked by a fan if there was a player who wanted to pass down No. 7 during a question-and-answer session with fans, Um Ji-sung replied, “I want to pass it on to Ahn Hyuk-joo, who is a junior at Geumho High School. When I was a senior in high school, Ahn Hyuk-joo, who was a freshman at the time, followed me a lot, and I wanted it to go better, so I will choose Ahn Hyuk-joo.” 안전놀이터

When asked if he had any gifts he wanted to receive from Gwangju fans later, he said, “I think it will be a lot of strength to receive pictures or things that can remind me of my time in Gwangju,” adding, “I will give Swansea City uniforms to fans when I return to Korea after the season.”

Since then, the event has been held to present Um Ji-sung’s cherished items to fans through a lottery, such as autographed uniforms and false soccer boots, and the fan signing event has been successfully completed.

An official from Gwangju FC said, “We held this farewell party to commemorate the end of Um Ji-sung, a former youth member of our club and devoted himself to Gwangju, with fans. Thank you to the fans who filled the farewell party for Um Ji-sung, and please continue to support us.”

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