“Are you forming a Cy Young Award? Snell, “I want to play New York Y.”

Will the New York Yankees, who failed to recruit Carlos Rodón (31) last year, form a one-two punch in the Cy Young Award?

Fox Sports and others in the U.S. said on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) that Blake Snell (31), who appeared in the free agent market, wants to play for the New York Yankees.

Initially, Snell reportedly wanted to play for his hometown team, the Seattle Mariners. However, Seattle does not need to reinforce its starting lineup.

Rather than recruiting a starter, Seattle plans to strengthen its lineup by trading Logan Gilbert, who showed good performance last year.

Snell seems to have given up playing for Seattle. He also seems to prefer the most prestigious New York Yankees after Seattle.

If the New York Yankees recruit Snell, they can form a one-two punch in the Cy Young Award with Gerrit Cole (33). The two players received the National League and American League Cy Young Award last year, respectively.

Snell pitched 180 innings in 32 games for the San Diego Padres last year, going 14-9 with a 2.25 ERA.
Snell thus won the title of two major league Cy Young Award winners, which had only six players in the history of Major League Baseball. Snell became the seventh winner of the Cy Young Award in the two major leagues. 마카오카지노

After winning the Cy Young Award, Snell immediately entered the FA market, but he is not enjoying much popularity. Until recently, he was completely overshadowed by Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25).

This is because Snell only performed well in the season when he won the Cy Young Award. He showed a relatively normal performance the rest of the season, and he did not appear in more than 30 games.
Nevertheless, Snell’s estimated ransom amounts to 200 million dollars. This is because the starting pitcher is in the market where the price of gold is high. In addition, Snell came to the FA market after receiving the Cy Young Award.

The New York Yankees lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the race for Yamamoto. Attention is focusing on whether Snell will be able to appease this regret and create a “one-two punch” in the Cy Young Award.

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